How To Be A Good Activist


How to Be an Activist with Integrity:

It’s one thing to want to make a stand and be an activist. but the question is how to be a good activist? Anger and outrage is not the answer, because that only adds to the fire. I believe the key is not to be against something, but to be for something.

Don’t get bogged down in the perceived negativity of global issues. Have a clear vision, an idea for a better, more peaceful world. Instead of attacking what you don’t like, go out and encourage support for something in place of it. Lead the way for a better way.

With activist organisations like Occupy and Anonymous growing in numbers, it is more important than ever for activists to find solidarity and forge a way forward that is both moral and effective.

Read on for a deeper look at how to be a good activist, and to think about what difference you can make in this world. Because you can make a difference. We all can. We just have to have the courage to go out there and do it – but do it right.

How to be a Good Activist in a Crazy World?

1027174550Occupy Wall Street Activists by Viriditas via Wikimedia Commons As I mentioned above, I believe the key is not to be against something, but to be for something. What do you stand for? Don’t focus on what you want to rid the world of – focus on what you want it to be.

This modern world has plenty to get upset about – political corruption, mass corporate power, war, torture, injustice, poverty, environmental disasters, animal abuse, child abuse, murder, crime… I could go on. Many feel called to make a stand and make a difference, but activism itself gets a bad rap from the public, because they are often perceived as angry, trouble makers, criminals, or violent protestors. Even the more peaceful activists are criticized for wasting time and money.

And certainly, there are bad activists out there. Those who are fueled by anger and rage, fighting back with violence, vandalism or other forms of attack. That is not the way to change the world – that is only adding to the cycle of problems. The key to being a good activist lies in standing up for something, rather than against. By gathering people to your cause, rather than attacking those of another, you achieve the desired result in a far better way – encouraging others over to the “good” side and thus weakening the “bad”.

Of course, we get angry and upset about things. There is a lot of injustice and inhumanity in the world. But instead of reacting with that anger, channel it into something positive. Turn it into a determination to make a difference by setting a better example. To quote Mahatma Gandhi,

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